Here are some sites which may be of interest to Steam Packet Enthusiasts.

FerriesAn excellent foreign site containing pages upon pages of ferries. Some great IOMSPCo photographs on here. Lots of Ferry Compamnies are covered. Visit NOW.

Paddle Steamer Photograph Gallery. A great site with some excellent Steam Packet pics.

Manxlinx.A site covering all things Manx.

Simplon Postcards.Excellent site for buying shipping postcards. Also has large galleries of ships including I.O.M.S.P.Co. fleet.

Manxman's Homepage. A web page devoted to all aspects of Manx life.

Centre for Manx Studies. Founded in 1992. The Centre is an academic unit of the University of Liverpool. Its primary functions are to teach students, to carry out research in Manx archaeological, cultural, environmental and historical studies and to further the international recognition of the Isle of Man in these areas.

Shipping notes from the Isle of Man.A great site covering Manx shipping. Updated weekly.

HHV Ferry Index. A brilliant site featuring loads of ferries including IOMSPCo ships. There are a lot of ex-Sealink ships on here so go and book your Greek holidays and see them in the flesh!.

Steam Packet ships An excellent new site about the Steam Packet ships. News on the happenings of the fleet and photographs of the Ben undergoing her winter overhaul.